Best Practices for Managing a CPA Firm: WorkForce

We can help you discover new ways to manage your firm and grow your book of business.

The Accounting Industry is facing a workforce shortage 


With an estimated three out of four current CPAs predicted to be retired within the next fifteen years, there is a concerning dearth of new certified public accountants entering the field. The latest AICPA Trends Report revealed that accounting graduates in 2019-2020 decreased by nearly 10%, with fewer than half making their way toward sitting for their CPA exam. Public Accounting firms have responded to this shortage by transitioning toward hiring nonaccounting college students -nearly one-third total number per firm! Despite these numbers seeming daunting, other CPAs view it as a great opportunity open up pathways into accounting positions and prepare them beneath experienced professionals before retirement vacancies arise.

There are things you can do right now to help your team build efficiencies and automate repetitive tasks. Our customers love that they have reporting and centralized data at their fingertips. They are no longer micromanaging tasks and employees. Budgets are met, tasks are tracked and they now have more time to focus on higher-level tasks, like advising their clients. What's better that

Check out our dashboard "My Workspace"

  • Sort your client list by grade. Ensure your team can service your top clients first and you can easily move tasks to those with a lighter work load.
  • Get a look at all your tasks reminders in one spot
  • Let your staff see what they need todo, when and how they are trending on budget with one screen.
  • Manage your day in one system and see how productive PracticeERP can make your team.



My Workspace


In closing, if you are looking to do any of these things listed below, you need to see the power of PracticeERP.  

  • Increased efficiency - automation can help CPA firms manage their workflow more effectively
  • Improved accuracy - with the help of automation, CPA firms can minimize human error
  • Enhanced security - automated systems are less vulnerable to hacking and data theft
  • Cost-effective - automation can save CPA firms time and money

When you put these tips into practice, you'll be well on your way to managing your CPA firm more effectively! Schedule a meeting with us and we can discuss options further. 

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AI, Streamline workflow and task tracking 

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