Driving business growth in the modern world of accounting.


An ERP designed to efficiently manage the complexities of your CPA Firm.


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Run Your Business on a Single Platform


Rid yourself of multiple, disparate applications and bring your data into one customizable system with visibility into your tax prep, work in progress and billing automation. Simplify your invoicing by having multiple rates per associate and track time within one system.

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Save Time & Increase Production

More Profits.

Deliver on time, every time. Exceed your customers’ expectations while minimizing costs across your company. No more tracking down project tasks and trying to forecast your capacity vs workload. Know when you need to hire and when you can charge peak rates.


Master the Fundamentals

One Source of Truth.

From tracking your projects to tracking expenses and management of your financials, through your customers’ project order to the ultimate fulfillment and delivery. All tied directly to your accounting system and financial reporting.

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One Cloud Solution

Why Choose PracticeERP?


increase sales
Boost Sales

PracticeERP streamlines the lead-to-cash process, provides real-time visibility into customers pipelines, makes business forecasts more predictable and helps improve sales performance.

Enhance Productivity

Connect the dots across CRM, client services, workflow/task management, time/expense tracking, work in progress, billing automation, accounting, financials and business intelligence.

Better Information

We know margins are tight in the accounting world, so monitoring budgets versus actuals is critical. Get accurate real-time data at your fingertips, with PracticeERP.

save money
Reduce IT Costs

Using PracticeERP, CPA firms can expect anywhere from 25% to 40% cost savings just from eliminating those disconnected systems and automating processes that were once handled manually.

Save time by automating repetitive tasks. 

"I won’t have to make that entry anymore?  The system will now make it for me?" 

Automated WIP entries to and from the balance sheet for true general ledger reporting and visibility. 

Simplified accounts receivable, customer payments and collections processing also save you time and get you paid faster.  PracticeERP brought down our client's average days to pay from 90 to 30 days.

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ERP designed to efficiently manage the complexities of your CPA Firm

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Sales dashboards to gain real-time visibility into pipeline and forecasts making it more predictable. Improve sales performance through upselling, commission management and more.





Time & Expense Tracking

Monitor, control and make better decisions about labor costs through automated and accurate time-keeping. It all starts with enabling your employees with an easier way to track project time while allowing you to analyze trends, manage overtime costs, increase productivity and stay compliant with our easy-to-use tool.


Client Services

Improve cash flow by sending invoices via email immediately after approval and accept payments electronically. Get your clients the view they need. Accounts receivable and customer statements delivered to them without you lifting a finger. Whether it's paying invoices online or submitting support questions your clients can easily contact you with any concerns or issues.

client portal

WIP & Billing

Automate the entire billing process to improve cash flow. Real-time calculation of realization before you bill, by client, line of business and companywide. Add in bulk billing with bulk approval of invoice requests, and you will really be wondering why this was not possible before PracticeERP.


Automate WorkFlow

Get the intel and automate those check points for inventory management. With customer expectations and supply complexity on the rise delivering accurate information has never been more crucial. Toss in intelligent workflow with approval routing, pricing and discounting and you can deliver every time. Learn More

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Finance & Accounting

Monitor work with the ability to have everything in real time and directly post to the general ledger. Financial reporting by company, office, department, service line of business right down to niche.  Knowing where to go is easy with total visibility.

My Workspace


My Workspace

This dashboard is the home base for daily activities.

Everything from on Hub:

  • Due Tasks
  • Budget to Actuals
  • Time Tracking
  • Reminders

What Customers Are Saying

“The ability to track clients through CRM, and then have a dashboard of predicted upcoming revenue based on new clients added or lost, is huge.” Tim M.
“Every Monday we run a bunch of reports, distribute them and then use them to report on individual performance, It’s nice to be able to share that data in real-time so that our associates are ‘living’ it every day, versus waiting for a report.” Frank V.
“In the end, that net income per partner or ‘NIPP’ in dollars is what really should be driving all decisions. A lot of firms can tell you what their margin is, which is just the net revenue for all partners divided by the gross, but they can’t tell you what their NIPP is, and that’s actually what matters. Chris P.
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MBE 2021 Stats

8,400 Tax returns 

+2300 New Clients

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